Annabella Rousseau 
is an opera (a sort of popera really) by Shaula Salathé.

The real life story of the woman you know as Cinderella.

Painstakingly reconstructed without the use of magic to pull off the most famous story in the history of women.
A bittersweet story that pulls at the heartstrings by sheer familiarity.  
Piano/vocal tracks available as free download here as the long journey of the opera, from composer to stage, continues....

The Birth of Annabella
The Death of Amanda (her mother)
Giuseppe & Marie meet (the 'fairy godmother' character)
Henri's Wedding
I'm Not Very Good (Annabella/Henri duet)
Henri's Death
Bella's Lullaby
Amanda & the girls
Marie's shop
I Feel it in my Heart
Have a Ball
Piano sold
Marie's Aria
Invitation Plans
Pre-Ball Rules

Swapping Clothes
The Royal Anthem
Meeting Mdm. Faucet
Stepsisters Orders
Prince & Bella meet
Love Like the Seasons
The Music Room
I'm Not Very Good (Prince/Bella)
Love Waltz (Don't Look For Love)
End Ball Octet
Search with a Shoe
Prince & valet duet
Finding Cinderella
I Am Home
Happily Ever After