Lady Shaula 

Composer, performer, conductor, Lady Shaula's musical career covers many genres. 

This year, as Composer-in-Residence at DRMC Melbourne, Castle Milan and as an emerging film and tv composer, following a lifetime of stage and concert composing, Lady Shaula splits her time between performing, touring (Europe and Country Victoria in 2023) and the Composer studio. 

Her mystical voice accompanied by her harp or piano, places her in concert demand over the world 

- in an eclectic mix of classical, music theatre, Celtic & jazz and naturally many of her own works. 

Her albums include  The Lullaby Kit (piano-voice) and Earthsong (celtic harp-voice) with many songs released to YouTube and sheet music available commercially. 

She sang Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera, and has sung with Victorian State Opera & Australian Opera 

and continues to tour her multi-instrumental one-woman shows internationally as singer/songwriter. 

Gifted with languages, accents and comic timing, Lady Shaula's time on stage is awe inspiring, deeply moving and delightfully unpredictable! 

She is a mother of three grown children and calls the forests of the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne Australia and Piemonte, Italy home.

Her wonderful husband, Andrew is her manager, photographer and videographer. 

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Services on Offer

Lady Shaula is Online, in Studio and at the DRMC

TEACHING/COACHING 30 mins $50/45 mins $70/Hour AUS$90

Music:   Singing, Piano, Harp, Composition, Theory, Performance Coaching

Wellness:  Breathing, Covid Longhauler Lessons, Happiness/Wellness Sessions

To see an example of Lady Shaula teaching in studio see Vocal Beginner Warm Up here



Song Creation: from $100 (piano/voice to video or audio track). Can be created as a personalised gift to someone

Click here for an example


STUDIO from AUS$40 per hour:

Composer: Short film scores (single instrument improvised score within one hour for 15 min short), Jingles, Sibelius/music notation/transcription, Setting poetry to music, band & midi arrangements

Audio Engineer skills: Recording your songs, Audio Editing, Foley. 

Video Production: Music Videos, Premiere Pro/Final Cut editing, Hair/Make-up

Promotion: Posters, editorials, Arts Critic, social media

Song Translation: from German, French, Italian and old English to modern English



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At home (TV studio) with Lady Shaula

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