Shaula Salathe - Composer

Shaula Salathé is an Australian based composer working in film and tv with a long history of stage and concert composing.

She is a conductor and has worked professionally as an opera, jazz, & pop singer, pianist, harpist, cellist, lyricist, translator and additionally plays some violin, viola, double bass, flute, drums and percussion, her earliest compositions were around the age of 6 and she began notating them age 14, as Australia's youngest pianist to achieve A.Mus.A (Associate of Music, Australia).


Her works are to be found in the genres of:

Music Theatre (7 works, including School Rox which has played Australia and New Zealand in 14 runs)
Film (short films, documentaries)

Animation (Seng is doing the Festival rounds)
Songs (on 3 albums) - some 300 songs written.
Choral (originals & arrangements)
Orchestra/piano/voice - The Neuschwanstein Suite
Orchestra/voice - arrangements

Works currently being undertaken
Various film/tv projects - animation, docu, short films etc

a musical - Paradise Club (piano/voice score complete - currently orchestrating)
an opera - Annabella Rousseau
an originals solo album - The Awakening
a musical - Uponatime (script being written - music complete)
a beginner piano book


Completed Works (VERY incomplete list!)

School Rox  (Let's Do This Dance, Cellophane Love, Chasin' the Prommies, I Think I'm Falling For You, Dilemma, School Rox, more)
Paradise Club (piano/voice)
Melisma (Salathe/Nym Kim)
The Saddest Song (Salathe/Nym Kim) (My Prince/my Snow White, Money Back Guaranteed HitMan, Three Days I Give You, more)
Winnie the Pooh (Salathe/Dean Lotherington)  (It's a Honey Tree, Today's My Birthday, Poor Poo Bear is Stuck in a Hole more)


Annabella Rousseau (Bella's Aria)

VOCAL - Classical
Blow Billow Brave

Eine Stimme

The Sun Has Set Not Long Ago

many more

Classical arrangements

Ave Maria - Caccini/Salathe

Barbara Ellen

And Nothing's Changed

Angels in Yellow
Baby Mine
Behold the Eyes

Blue on Blue Eyes

Bunch of Daffodils

Butterfly Child

Child of the World

Counting out Time

Daddy Will Be Home Soon
Dancer in the Sky
Dandenong Ranges Bushfire Blues

Death of a Lady

Distance the Telephone

Dreaming of You


Elephant in the Sky

Facades will Fool

Farewell ye lads and lasses

In an Attic

Tic Toc Baby
We Are Going Home Soon
Wherever Daddy Is

many more

PIANO - Classical
Ballade pour Janette

By the Lily Pond

Deny King's Cabin

Different Angle

Effect of Anger

From a Treehouse
many more

Arabian Midday

Castle Shop

Scottish Tapestry





Princess Piano Book

Brown Bear Song

Raise Your Hands
Growing Together
Mt Dandenong Primary School Song
Luther College Song

The Neuschwanstein Suite
I Still Call Australia Home (arr.)
In Dreams - Lord of the Rings (arr.)

Jeaden Calisthenics Song (lyrics)
Syndal Calisthenics Song (lyrics)
Spray & Wipe


with Eugenie Teychenne


The Man in the Moon

with Helen Kerr-Lawley

A Liddle Somesink (arr.)

Can't Can Can (arr. Offenbach/Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Carmen Get It (arr. Bizet/Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Dance of the Signets  (arr. Tchaikovsky/Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Dear G&S  (arr. G&S/Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Drinking Song .  (arr. ..../Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Dying in Opera ( (arr. Saint-Saens/Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

Encore ( (arr. ......./Salathe/Kerr-Lawley)

many more